Travelling the World on paid commercial assignments is a great privilege.

This can be exhausting work at times but equally rewarding in so many ways.

Downtime opportunities are rare but greatly appreciated when they arise. Losing myself in unfamiliar places, occasionally finding that elusive visual ‘zone,’ is a wonderful way to unwind. Rather like fishing but infinitely more satisfying.

The methodology requires discreet observation, a degree of patience and of course, hopefully, an instinct for ‘the decisive moment’. This selection, mostly shot on a Leica M6 using black and white negative film, represents a few personal favourites drawn from the hundreds of fascinating situations I’ve been lucky enough to experience.

Cafe, Ankara, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cormorant Fishermen, Guilin, China

Le Lendemain Matin, Montmartre, Paris

Time, TartaMountains, Poland

Nomad, Egypt

Three Wives on a Raft, Egypt

Spring Chicken, Yogajarkata, Java, Indonesia

Figures Out, Tokyo, Japan

The Third Man, UnionSquare, NewYork

Yabusame Rider, Kurosawa, Japan

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