Robert Dowling

Photographer & Director

As a boy, I collected stamps. Pouring over those tiny illustrations, I would be transported to the exotic, colourful, far-flung parts of the world. Never imagining that I would ever visit any of them.  

But a passion for images of a different kind - photographs and film - took me to more countries than I can name. I’ve been fortunate to shoot everything from cosmetics to cars, food to fashion, coffee to coke, trinkets to trucks, and on every format: 35mm to 11” x 14” film, on location or at my London studio.

These days, I alternate between big budget photographic productions, TV commercials, short films and documentaries - across different media, digital platforms and cultural boundaries. Craft skills and technical knowledge are a given. But in an age when everyone has a camera in a phone, there’s still no substitute for beautiful composition, an eye for detail, and the right content.

But the most prized ability of all has to be: story-telling. That is what makes the difference between good and great work.

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