About Maya Almeida

Now London-based, Maya grew up on the coast of Portugual. And the sea has been her inspiration. Drawn to underwater photography and film, she combined this passion with her interest in the performing arts: here's where human motion meets elemental fluidity
Underwater High Speed
Directors: Maya de Almeida & Renato Marques
Technical Director, Nuke Artist: Miguel Bandeira
VO: Tom Kane
Music and Sound Design: Marco Almeida / The Fracture
Gaffer: Robin Brigham
Assistant: Sylvia Dee
Dancers: Josephine McGrall, Femi Oyewole, Nyron Levy, Travis Clausen-Knight, Anna Watkins, Emily Spriggs
Hair & Make-up: Lauren Baker
Styling: Maya
Location: Shot at Direct Photographic Studios in London with lots of help from Chris Cowan
A special thanks to the Imperial Bird of Prey Academy and Lisa Falco
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