Why Kalectiv? Mostly, of course, for the talent we represent...

Jean Cazals, the French food photographer beloved of the world’s top chefs. Stuart Duff, who brings the lost art of lighting kicking and screaming into the digital age with his unique large format kit. Victor Enrich, whose 3D images are quite literally turning the world on its head. To name but a few. Watch this space.

This eclectic group of award-winning artists is supported by an equally experienced team of producers, headed up by Kevin O’Connor and David Edmunds.

Kalectiv people have worked on the agency side and direct with advertisers, and so have a deep understanding of the requirements of a brief. These days, that often involves providing stills and film content for telling the story across various platforms. And, as a happy by-product, sourcing photography and moving images from a single partner can result in efficiency savings.

Photography, film, post-production - to it all we bring a passion for ideas. To hear more, call Kevin on +44 (0) 7768 275075.

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