Víctor Enrich exhibits at STAM Ghent Museum, Belgium

Press release - Barcelona, March 2nd, 2016

Víctor Enrich exhibits at STAM Ghent Museum, Belgium

The Museum of the City of Ghent (http://www.stamgent.be/en) will open a unique exhibition featuring Catalan artist Víctor Enrich on March 18th, on view until mid-August. “Over de rand” (On the edge) will feature 3 new large format works by Enrich which were created especially for this exhibition. Portfolio

“Over de rand”, an exhibition made in collaboration with the Belgian architecture firm Omgeving depicts and analyses some of the urban realities that exist nowadays in the city of Ghent, as in many cities in Belgium. Unfortunate realities that are a direct consequence of the uncontrolled urban sprawl during the XXth century. Three different neighbourhoods located on the outskirts of Gent have been selected as being representative of the problems: Drongen, Evergem, both mainly residential, and Veldwij, which finds itself among several long distance infrastructures such as highways and railroads.


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